Mining & Drilling

Burlap is often used for drill wipe, from small precut squares to precut rolled lengths or full bales of fabric. We can supply you for clean up applications, bagging of ore samples or other requirements. You name it and we can supply it. Contact us.

Plant Nurseries

Whether you need to wrap plants and trees against winter cold or need squares for root balling, we have it. Pre-cut nursery squares are available in a full range of sizes in plain or treated burlap. Burlap by the yard may be also used if you need longer lengths. We have poly or sisal twine […]

Shellfish Use

When digging for clams or oysters, poly mesh bags are ideal. They allow you to dig and bag the shellfish while keeping it alive and contained on the beach awaiting collection. They are available in 10 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb sizes. Occasionally people may want smaller sizes for samples etc., tie netting can […]


The heavier burlap can be used for shipping of heavy parts, hardware and equipment. Beekeepers (apiculture) have burned burlap for smoking their bees when working on the hives. Vegetable stands and produce departments have used dampened burlap to cover their vegetables and fruit to protect them overnight. Fishing camps have been using burlap bags for […]