What is Burlap?

jute_field_sm Jute_in_river_sm Jute is the name of the plant from which burlap is made. It is a very tall, grasslike plant which is grown for the strong fibres in its stalks. These fibres are cut and cleaned and then woven into the cloth we are familiar with today.

Jute is 100% bio degradable and recyclable and thus Jute is eco friendly. It is a cheap natural fibre with a shine and is second only to cotton in terms, of global consumption production and availability.

The jute plant is derived from a relative of the Hemp (cannabis) plant. Jute_harvest_sm Jute_by_river_sm Jute has high tensile strength, low extensibility and well suited for bulk agricultural packaging. It is used to make quality industrial yarn, fiber, net, and sacks. It is a great natural fibre for use in raw material packaging.

Jute is now an ideal solution in soil conservation campaigned by environmentalists and industrialists alike.

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