Burlap Bags

Sandbags Sandbags are available in burlap or woven polypropylene. Small sizes are recommended as a filled bag is very heavy. Traditionally, burlap has been used because it is eco–friendly. If the application is to be permanent, a sand and cement mix is generally used. Start with a dry mix, fill and stack the bags.   […]

Burlap Yardage

Burlap yard goods can be bought in many forms, the simplest being a small piece of 1 yard size, up to and including full bales of 2,000 yards. The material is available in 7 oz and 10 oz weights. 7 oz is what a 100 pounds of potatoes would be bagged in and 10 oz […]


Custom orders, you design it! We accept and manufacture custom orders. We can make truck tarps to your specifications or nursery squares for specific applications in plain burlap. When wider width cloth is required, two or more sizes can be seamed together. No matter which fabric you choose, it can be cut, folded, sewn or […]

Polypropylene Bags

These bags are made from woven polypropylene. They are not air tight, although they are close to it. Woven polypropylene combines the advantages of high strength and low weight to make it an ideal packaging solution for many products. Polypropylene bags are one of the lowest cost types of packaging and polypropylene is also easy […]

Poly Mesh

These bags are made of a material that most people think of when they think of an onion bag. Made of polypropylene mesh woven, these bags permit air flow through the bags and are excellent for uses such as: • Fruits • Nuts • Shellfish • Vegetables These bags are available in a variety of […]

Tie Netting

This product is similar to the onion bag material. It is an open and flexible weave. Some examples of usage would be for three bulbs of garlic, small samples of shellfish, 5 lbs of oysters etc. The tie netting can be bought in rolls or in precut lengths and are available in several strengths, colors […]


Cabbage bags Cabbage bags are 24″ X 36″. They are solid green mesh with black draw string. Packed 1000 bags per bundle is your best value but as always we will sell in smaller quantities. Bag will hold approximately 50 lbs of produce. These bags are also suitable for corn. Onion Bags Our onion bags […]


Concrete Burlap is an effective low cost product used in the process of curing concrete. When summer temperatures soar, wet burlap laid on poured cement will slow the drying process, thus increasing the strength and preventing shrinkage.   Other Uses There are other uses for burlap in contruction such as erosion control and temporary fencing […]

Movie & Film Sets

Hollywood North is here. Many film makers enjoy using burlap bags and yard goods to help create their sets. The burlap drapes well and accept paint readily. Erosion cloth with its very loose weave, polypropylene sandbags or burlap by the yard are all excellent materials to use in constructing film sets.         […]


There are several uses for our products in the forestry industry. Lumber wrap which comes in three forms: 1. Natural burlap on large rolls is used to cover mostly raw lumber and comes 48″ or 54″ in 250 yard rolls. 2. Laminate is a combination of natural burlap on one side and kraft paper on […]